Global Employment Challenge

Talent Scholarship Applications

Talent is distributed evenly, opportunity is not.

Applications are now open for the Global Employment Challenge Scholarships (scholarships available from 50% up to 100%)

Imagine working for a top international company in the US, UK, or Australia from the comfort of your home country. Imagine learning new skills, solving interesting problems, and collaborating with talented people from different cultures and backgrounds. Imagine receiving a monthly stipend and a mentorship programme. Sounds too good to be true? Well, it’s not.

If you are a young professional in Africa looking to kickstart your international career, The Global Employment Challenge is here to empower you on your journey to success.

The Global Employment Challenge Scholarship is your ticket to a world of opportunities, as all scholarship recipients are guaranteed an entry-level job placement with an international company.

About the GEC

The Global Employment Challenge (GEC) is a multifaceted intiative designed to address the ongoing issue of youth unemployment in Africa. Through collaboration with Pan-African and international businesses, governments, and civil society organisations, the GEC serves as a bridge between skilled talent in Africa and international employers across the USA, Australia, UK, India, and Europe

Since 2021, the GEC has been facilitating remote work opportunities for talented individuals from South Africa and Kenya. These indivisuals from collaborative workspaces in their home cities, serving international companies in thriving sctors such as Technology, Finance, and Healthcare. They ar epermanently employed in roles ranging from Front-end and Back-end Software Developers, Data Analysts, Testters, and IT Support to roles in Digital Marketing, Graphic Design, Project and Operations Assistance, CRM Administration, Data Management, and Business Analysis.

The Global Employment Challenge is a prestigious program dedicated to connecting young professionals from Africa with full-time employment with leading companies worldwide. Our mission is to equip young graduates with the skills, knowledge, and experience they need to thrive in the global workforce.

Program Overview

What the Employment Scholarship Offers

The Global Employment Challenge Employment Scholarship provides financial assistance to ensure that talented Africans are ready to conquer the international job market. As a scholarship recipient, you will enjoy a monthly stipend that grows every three months within the first year while working from our state-of-the-art hubs, where you can showcase your skills and talent to the world.

Our Programme includes:

  • Personal Brand, Resume & Interview Preparation Classes
  • 2-month Digital Skills & Employability Training Program
  • 2-year Career Development Plan and ongoing assessment program
  • Dedicated Career Coach/Mentor
  • Access and support from Subject Matter Experts
  • Guaranteed full-time employment with an international employer

Talent Spotlight

Meet Sharon

Kenyan born, Sharon is a full-stack software developer working for an international organisation based out of Australia.

The Application Process

1. Apply Online

Select the career you qualify for and wish to pursue. 

Carefully read all the pre-requisites required for the role as this will indicate your suitability for the program.

2. Online Assessment

Candidates who meet the minimum program requirements will be invited to complete an online assessment that gauges where your skills, knowledge and passions lie within your specific career choice.

3. Interviews

Once you’re successfully passed the sceening part of our process, we will invite you to a video interview for the program you have selected. 

Only successful applicants will be invited to a video interview.

4. Join the Program

We will let you know the outcome of the interview and your application as soon as possible. And if successful, you will receive an offer to join the GEC. It is a highly competitive program hence the rigorous and thorough application process.

5. Orientation

Participants who accept the offer will attend an orientation session with our admissions team. You will receive a step-by-step induction into the program timings, location and expected requirements.

6. Training & Job Placement

All participants will receive 8 weeks of additional work readiness training and digital upskilling prior to being placed into a role with an international organisation.

Select your career


If you love working with HTML, CSS and JavaScript and would like the opportunity to be employed as a website developer than consider applying for a Website Develop Work Experience program with the Global Employment Challenge.


If you’re passionate about technology and eager to grow in your career, we’d love to hear from you! As a key member of the systems support group, you’ll play a crucial role in maintaining and troubleshooting systems.


A Software Engineering Work Experience Programme is a great opportunity for you if you are a recent IT graduate wanting to work as a Front End, Back End or Full Stack Engineer.


Are you an organised and talented problem solver with a bachelors degree in commerce or business? Explore Business Operations as a career by applying for the GEC Work Experience Programme in this field.


Can you see patterns in numbers and statistics? Would you like the opportunity to be employed as a data analyst? Gain insights and traction in this field by applying for a Data Analytics Work Experience Programme.


Are you looking for a challenging and rewarding opportunity to learn and grow as a digital amrketer? If yes, then consider applying for a Digital Marketing Work Experience Programme at the Global Employment Challenge.


Do you have a background in accounting or finance and looking to break into international job marketing with you financial acumen? Join the Work Experience program with the Global Employment Challenge.


Do you have an eye for design and a passion to create beautiful things? Would you like the opportunity to learn and grow as a graphic designer? If yes, then consider applying for a Graphic Designer Work Experience Programme.


Can you sell ice to Eskimos? If you have a passion for sales and business operations, than consider applying for a Sales Support Specialist role with the Global Employment Challenge.